The "Green Shed", located at The Showground, 386-398 Main Western Rd, Mount Tamborine, Queensland, is the local market for fresh fruit & vegetables, and is open EVERY Sunday from 7.00am to noon.  We also sell flowers, honey, nuts, herbs and plants.

Organised as a non-profit venture, through the Tamborine Mountain Local Producers Association Inc. (LPA), the market is provided as a service to local small farmers and growers of horticultural produce.  Its aim is to maximise profit for producers and provide visitors and residents with the opportunity to purchase directly from growers.


A wide variety of high quality, freshly picked produce, is always available. The range available, depends on the season. Prices are set at a level which provide farmers a return sufficient to encourage them to continue their farming activities.

Tamborine Mountain is the source of an enormous variety of horticultural produce: avocadoes, kiwi fruit, rhubarb, vegetables and flowers. There are many large, specialist orchards, but much of the production comes from small farms or large residential blocks. About 70% of the land on Tamborine Mountain is designated for rural use. Horticultural activities give Tamborine Mountain its green, unspoiled character: one of the reasons for the large numbers of tourists who visit here.

Being only 1 hour’s drive from Brisbane and even less from the bustling Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain is a popular tourist destination. There is an abundance of craft shops and art galleries, bed and breakfast accommodation, coffee shops and fine restaurants. Cycling and walking through palm groves and dense rainforest in one of the many National parks are popular activities. Many travel to Tamborine Mountain to see the extraordinary views of the Gold Coast, and the equally dramatic, but very different, views to the west. There are picnic spots everywhere.

Behind high hedges and dark green avocado trees, there is an aspect of Tamborine Mountain that few visitors see. The extraordinary fertility of the soil and favourable climate makes it possible to grow an amazing range of horticultural crops in this beautiful area of south east Queensland.

shed-home2 Tamborine Mountain’s horticulture has a long and interesting history. Originally, the main activity was timber getting. This is where the name Cedar Creek originates. As the land was cleared, it was taken up by dairy farmers. Later, there were periods when citrus growing was the major industry and large tracts of land were devoted to vegetable and flowers. Now, avocados are the main crop. Tourism on Tamborine Mountain depends on keeping the Mountain’s rural character. The Tamborine Market help in the achievement of this goal.