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The Healing Powers of Food

As blissful newlyweds and only three months into our marriage I was informed that my husband had a level four melanoma that required immediate surgery. After more tests and surgery we discovered that there were also traces of Cancer in one of the four nodes that had been removed during the surgery.

We investigated both medical and natural therapy follow up options and my Naturopath had been honest enough to tell me that it was crucial that we find a Naturopath that specialised in Cancer support, we were very fortunate that our plastic surgeon knew of such a Naturopath. Margaret Foley Naturopathic Nutritionist-Herbalist had become a Naturopath specialising in Cancer support after recovering from a melanoma that developed into terminal bone Cancer some 32 years ago. Margaret had used the Gerson diet, juicing and supplements which resulted in a full recovery and has helped many people over the years do the same. Margaret works a long side medical specialists giving herbal and nutritional support.