The Healing Powers of Food

As blissful newlyweds and only three months into our marriage I was informed that my husband had a level four melanoma that required immediate surgery. After more tests and surgery we discovered that there were also traces of Cancer in one of the four nodes that had been removed during the surgery.

We investigated both medical and natural therapy follow up options and my Naturopath had been honest enough to tell me that it was crucial that we find a Naturopath that specialised in Cancer support, we were very fortunate that our plastic surgeon knew of such a Naturopath. Margaret Foley Naturopathic Nutritionist-Herbalist had become a Naturopath specialising in Cancer support after recovering from a melanoma that developed into terminal bone Cancer some 32 years ago. Margaret had used the Gerson diet, juicing and supplements which resulted in a full recovery and has helped many people over the years do the same. Margaret works a long side medical specialists giving herbal and nutritional support.

Margaret put my husband Clive on a modified Gerson diet consisting of lots of fresh organic vegetables, deep sea fish (mercury free) and lots of juicing. The Gerson diet was discovered by Dr. Gerson in 1928 as a cure for Cancer but is sadly not known by all. The Gerson diet has been used to help others with a variety of health issues ranging from skin irritations to MS. We were permitted to have a little organic free range chicken, organic eggs and a very little organic butter & cheese and A2 milk. There are also a lot of supplements & tonics that are specific to your type of Cancer.

It was as important to NOT eat certain foods as it was to eat the correct foods. Cancer feeds on sugar so all variations of sugar were banned. That meant fruit, honey and all other forms of sugar. Our Naturopath did let us have one treat a week and that was usually my husband’s favourite…..a chocolate mouse made from avocadoes, cocoa & maple syrup. Truly the most divine chocolate mouse on the planet!

There is no red meat allowed on the Gerson diet as it burns a lot of energy to digest and there is no gluten on the diet for much the same reasons. As my husband really enjoyed his red meat I thought this would be much harder than reality. But he really loved his new menu of red salmon or hoki for dinner and actually misses it when he is off on business trips. He also misses his juice (carrot, beetroot, broccoli sprouts & ginger) when it is unavailable on the rare occasion. He found the commercial Juice Bars juice watery and tasteless….. he had been totally spoilt on his wife’s fresh organic juices!

You will notice I say “we” as I took on the diet with my husband. I felt that if it was healing for him it would also benefit me. It also meant that we didn’t have any unhealthy tempting foods in the house. There was no fear of grabbing a chocolate bar or packet of chips whilst relaxing in front of the telly because I didn’t have any!! So we invented other wholesome snacks like home made hummus with rice crackers, baked potatoes, hard boiled eggs, raw nuts, cooked corn or tinned sardines.

It is amazing how quickly my husband dropped his excess weight and regained a healthy colouring. He didn’t take any time off from his busy business, took no drugs and had no ill health whilst he spent eight months recovering from Cancer. Although he was a little cranky when he first started the diet I believe due to a bit of detoxing and no doubt the shock of discovering he had Cancer. He was also a little tired for the first few months so he increased his sleep from four hours to eight hours a day and has maintained this new healthy practise. We now have a household rule that if Clive goes for a sleep “don’t wake him unless the house is burning down”…..this gives him the freedom to rest whenever his body tells him it needs to. Considering that Clive was recovering from Cancer and not a common cold I think the diet supported him in the most miraculous way.

I think it only makes good sense that no matter who you are and where your health level is, that the fuel you put into your engine; this human form, is all important. If you put crap in you will get a poor performance and if you put in premium fuel (healthy food), have a regular tune up (seek advise from professional health care practitioners), polish (respect & adorn this beautiful body) and love (affection & intimacy is all important for ones wellbeing on all levels) then you will be the best you can be.

Clive’s tests……eight months down the track… have now come back with no sign of Cancer and as you can imagine we are overjoyed and could not be more relieved. Clive is now on a maintenance nutritional programme to maintain his good health and he will continue to have scans as advised to monitor him but we feel very positive for the future! You may think it strange but I am grateful for the wake up call that it gave him. I had finally at the ripe age of 42 married the love of my life and I wish to spend at least another 50 years enjoying him. This diet has now become a way of life….a much more balanced life that includes more sleep, exercise and leisure. Life is so very precious and my wish for everyone is to learn this without the wake up call.

I would like to give a big thanks to:

Dr. Gerson
Margaret Foley
Jonathan at Energetic Greens
Shane Heaten
All our gorgeous friends at the Green Shed whom we visit every Sunday

Deborah Carroll