Oranges, lemons, tangelos and/or limes,
Pectin powder.


Slice fruit thinly after removing discoloured skin and marks.  Remove pips.  Use oranges, lemons, tangelos or a mix of several different fruit. Place in glass or ceramic blow and cover generously with water.  Leave overnight. Pour fruit mixture into a large saucepan.  Cook for 3 hours taking care not to boil dry.  Use a measuring cup to transfer fruit mixture into another saucepan, preferably one with a copper bottom.  Only fill saucepan half way to avoid mixture boiling over.  For each cup of fruit mixture, add one cup of sugar.  Boil rapidly.  To speed up process add 1 teaspoon of pectin powder for 8 cups of sugar.  When the mixture starts to “hang onto” stirring spoon when you hold it up, it is ready to bottle.  Sterilise jars and lids in boiling water.  Spoon marmalade into jars filling right to the top.  Screw lid down tightly. This will leave a vacuum when the marmalade cools, which prevents spoilage.